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Poser Alert!

angelcolmenareslocsin: hi daphne..thanks for making them remove my pics from flesh ahia blog..this is Angel :)

Okay.. That guy/girl is a poser.

S/he has contacted BJ telling that I've personally talked to the real Angel Locsin and that I've referred some photographers who can do her set cards. She mentioned a few names like JT (Jay Tablante) and Rage Gayondato.

Here's a copy of their conversation that we got from the archive:

angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:09:32 PM): hi jay!
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:09:42 PM): thanks sa mga comments mo sa multiply ah
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:09:50 PM): i appreciate them all
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:10:01 PM): si daphne nagsabi sa akin
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:10:14 PM): errr... cam?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:11:23 PM): papanong cam?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:11:32 PM): wait... sino to?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:11:39 PM): angel
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:11:51 PM): angel?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:11:57 PM): locsin!
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:12:06 PM):
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:12:41 PM): magiinquire din sana ako how much do u charge kasi i need set cards...ipapadala sa singapore
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:13:23 PM): u know daphne?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:13:33 PM): oliveros
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:13:40 PM): yeah i know her...
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:14:05 PM): anyway...how much do u charge?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:15:25 PM):
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:15:41 PM): charge?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:16:00 PM): yes
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:16:29 PM): hindi tayo nagkakaintindihan
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:17:12 PM): medyo...
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:17:29 PM): i asked daphne sino ok mag photoshoot
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:17:39 PM): she mentioned a few websites..including sa yo
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:17:49 PM): so i went to ur website and i found ur contact there
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:18:06 PM):
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:18:51 PM): how do u know daphne pala?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:19:19 PM): yep i do know daphne
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:19:30 PM): papano mo sya nakilala?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:19:45 PM): hmmmm
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:20:06 PM): i met her dahil sa EX nya..
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:20:08 PM): in other words, she referred ur website to me
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:20:14 PM): ahh okay..
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:20:36 PM): sa Maxim namin dati she took photos of me also
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:20:58 PM): Maxim party
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:21:36 PM): ah
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:22:00 PM): anyway..u seem busy..nice meeting you
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:22:03 PM): sorry sa istorbo also
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:22:30 PM): errr ok
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:23:55 PM): wait..hindi ka ba pro photographer?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:24:26 PM): panong pro?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:24:47 PM): like sa mga magazines gumagawa kayo?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:25:19 PM): pictorials for set cards
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:27:23 PM): ah... as you can see.. most of my photos were landscapes. bihira lang ako magshoot ng zed cards. but i still do
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:27:48 PM): ahh okay hehe sorry
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:28:13 PM): can u refer me to someone u know na kaya gawin yung pictorials na mura?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:28:51 PM): errr... better ask JT.
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:29:18 PM): okay...
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:29:24 PM): nakakatext mo pa si JT madalas?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:30:00 PM): hmmm sinong JT ang sinasabi mo?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:30:23 PM): wait..JT?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:31:53 PM): si Rage i mean.nakakatext mo pa sya madalas?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:32:24 PM): errr?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:32:42 PM): gayondato
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:33:15 PM): ?
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:33:22 PM): katext? nope
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:33:38 PM): i know the person pero hindi kami close
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:33:43 PM): ahh okay
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:34:47 PM): so full time photogpraher ka?
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:34:49 PM):
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:35:09 PM): serious hobbyist
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:35:21 PM): nice. .
angelcolmenareslocsin (8/9/2008 4:35:29 PM): parang ang tipid mo sumagot
jay hernandez (8/9/2008 4:35:53 PM): di naman...
*then s/he signed out*


Now, if there are other guys out there who were contacted by this poser telling that I referred you, IT'S NOT TRUE. I haven't talked to the real Angel Locsin nor referred any other photographer. Just ignore or block whoever this guy is.

We have a hunch who's messing up with us.
Whatever you guys are up to, you're not going anywhere.

You're a bunch of losers who don't even know how to play your own game.


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Aug. 10th, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)

I am actually Brad Pitt.
Angelina is my Lady Wife.
The Children were my idea.
I am more attractive than Brad Pitt.

Please contact Daphne for Photography needs.

Brad Pitt (it can't be fake if its signed by me)
Aug. 10th, 2008 10:16 am (UTC)
nyahahaha =))
Aug. 11th, 2008 09:52 am (UTC)
Loser nga...
I've worked with Angel for her Head and Shoulder's campaign... and I've been working with her manager for quite awhile now on various projects, so it'd be really stupid if she doesn't know me. Hehehe.

The real JT.
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