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About a lot of stuff.

Wooo. We're a week away from vacation and I feel so lazy now.

I still have about 2 more projects to do for next week. 3D & CADVIS. & VIDPROD (!!!-Camille.. Gosh I almost forgot about that TT__TT Boo) ... and 2 more panel defenses to go through for Conceptual Photography and WEBDEV.

Hoooo.. goodluck, goodluck na lang satin. TT__TT

Man, I can't wait for Thursday (last deadline)! I hope The Dark Night is still on by next week. The gang will be watching it on Friday (Gelo ulitin mo na lang ha :D)! Promise magmomovie marathon ako after this. The Dark Night, Wall E, Clonewars wait for meeeeee!


I so hate the weather today. -_- .. nakakapaso and nakakasuffocate. Sobra.
I even had to use my inhaler so I could work properly today. TT__TT
Grabe. Mas nakakamatay tong init na to kesa sa makapal na usok ng yosi sa bar.

I want Karen back. Ulaaaaaaan! :p


My friends and I were hanging out at Starbucks yesterday after lunch. As usual, I was drawing on the coffee sleeve.

Me: *shows her doodle* Matagal na tayong di gumagawa ng ganto...
Them: Ongaaaa.

I miss drawing. O_o Well, not the drawing as in literally drawing because we still draw in school [2D, Hardcore Color Rendering with Ms. Budji, Freehand], but I miss the doodle time I have when we still had our academic subjects. Every time the professor gives a boring lecture, we would draw on our handy sketchpads and armchairs. XD Oh boy, DYNAREL (Dynamics of Religion?) was my favorite doodling class. XD I would doodle while my classmates are day dreaming. Haha. :D

Here's a colored version of the doodle that I posted in early 2007. I never finished coloring this one because I used to do this on my old lappie. Grabe naghihingalo yung photoshop ko noon dahil dito. :)) And di pa calibrated yung lcd ko oh.. yung flesh ko pala dun is yellowish :p

Here's what my friends and I did whenever they don't feel like sleeping. Still, in DYNAREL class. :P

*ehem ehem* Guys, when are we going to make stuff like these again? XD


GM '08 naaaa. For the first 2 conferences we got conference passes. In '06 we got very good seats in front because of these. Then last year, unfortunately our black passes weren't really useful because they've decided to change the seating arrangement into a first come first served basis. O_o (Pero nasa harap pa rin naman :P) Buti na lang nagtanong si Camille the other week and they said first come first served pa rin this year. If not, we'd probably be getting the conference passes again. Sayang pera :P Haha.

Soooo w
e got our student passes for GM '08 yesterday and I can't wait for Sept 20! :]


I really think that CAD sucks. Di naman ako nag-arki ah. Ayoko nun. 3DS MAX na lang kasi :| .. (bitter kasi di marunong sa CAD. di kasi nakikinig XD ... hahaha!)

Oh well. Even if I hate the subject so much (and maybe our professor who says "Perfect!!...Oh mali.. Undoooow" all the time. Hehehe.) I have to force myself to work on my CAD now or I'm doomed to fail. *cries*

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