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Worship Esprit Buffalo Rain

I feel bad for not coming to the shoot this afternoon. 'Twas the wedding of Mic's friend and Mic asked Ron and I to take his place as photographer since he's going to be the best man.

Mic only told me about it few mins after I woke up (around 2pm) and he said I should be at the church by 3. Hahaha. Then I could earn 5k for shooting. :] (Moooneeeeeh!)

Then I asked mum if I could come but she said no! Allah-dammit. :(

She said I should stay at home because she wanted me to go to mass. -_- Then I argued that I need the 5k and that I could go to mass on Sunday instead. O_O

And you know what mum said, she said she'll give me 5k and we'll go shopping just so I would stay at home and go to mass with her and dad. WOOT. So much for worship!

Ron: Di ka pinayagan?! So Unlikely. :)

So unlikely indeed. O_O And I thought my 'rents have already given me the liberty to go out whenever I want to! O_O

So, I told Mic I can't come. I still feel bad about losing that 5k since I know that mom and I can just shop some other time. -_- I dunno what's so precious about going to mass today when I can just do it tom. :|

Hmmm.. who here still goes to mass reguarly?


Sooo. I shopped for some new clothes this evening after mass. I got a few gorgeous tops from a shop I never thought I'd shop from (guess guess guess!) because I always found their tops either too plain or too loud. Then I got a top and a new huuuuge wallet from Esprit.

That means RIP to the small 1 y/o Girbau wallet that tried to stuff all of my money, receipts, cards, calling cards and paper crap inside its little stomach until it threatened me a few weeks ago that it will throw up everything soon. Haha. XD


I bought a gorgeous Giordano watch 2 weeks ago from Watch Republic in Rob Ermita but it was defective. BOOERS.

It stopped every now and then. I thought it was a battery problem so I had the batteries replaced but 2 days after, it stopped working again. So I brought it back to the shop last Wednesday (exactly a week from purchase) and demanded for a replacement. The staff really pissed me off. They said their watches are not defective and since my watch is under warranty, I should just have it repaired.
The staff didn't want to believe me and they insisted on "repairing" and replacing the batteries themselves.. and they said I can't have the item replaced. They even told me I should just have it repaired by the manufacturers. It will take a month to have it fixed. They said they will ship my watch back to the US for repair. I insisted on replacement but they insisted on repair. GRRR. So I went home knowing that the watch will stop working soon. True enough, it stopped working that night at 10pm >_< ..

Then I went back to the store the next day to declare war. After a few minutes of steamy arguments,
I got meself this new Buffalo watch. :) I'd like to thank Camille for persuading me to get this one. XD Haha. Ahlavet!


It's raining hard. I think I'll get some sleep now. :) Tom will be another long day of work. -_-

The cold air and bed is so inviting! :]

1st time to get published

I got news that my photo of Route 196 have been published on today's Inquirer. :)

Ms. Pam Pastor (Inquirer) and Sir JP Balboa (Route 196) asked me last Thursday if they could use my photo for Ms. Pastor's article on Route 196.

This is the first time that my work has been published on the papers. I didn't know that the article will come out today and I don't even have a copy of the newspaper! Allah-demmet. Ahahaha. :p

The photo is on Section E, p. 3  ;)

*runs off to find a newspaper stand*


Here's a scan of the paper. :D
Thanks to Gwen for this one! <3
It's pretty small.. but it's a start. :P

Another Bad News.

Somebody posted my Maxim photos without permission.

My original photos:
1) http://flickr.com/photos/daphnerakstar/sets/72157605321872872/
2) http://daphnerakstar.multiply.com/photos/album/132/Maxim_Hot_100_Party_05292008

Right now I'm trying to reach the webmaster. His name is Mike Chanco.
In his post he said some ZACK YAP dude sent these over. Hay nako. :|

Nakakainis. :|

I really don't like using watermarks on my photos because I believe that photos look better without them. And now I'm pissed off.

Hindi dahil walang watermark basta basta nyo na lang kukunin!
Magpaalam naman kayo! >:(

Eeeesh. I need help on this. Help me teach that guy a lesson. -_-

Thanks Mike Chanco for working on this fast. I really appreciate the acknowledgment ...
However, he still refuses to delete even if he has acknowledged me. He could've just asked for my permission when he found out that they were mine. Learn to have some respect. >:|

Don't you ever dare to rip-off my work again
. You know who you are.

Last week, I posted a link to the Press Cafe homework (WEBDEV1) right after I finished uploading it. I've noticed that you've been going back to my page and kept on looking at my site. It didn't bother me until someone gave me a link to your work this afternoon.

You ripped off my layout! You ripped off my idea! You ripped me off!


We always thought you were good but hell no.. after seeing how you ripped off my work, you've lost our respect for you as an artist!

The others were right, you're just a poser! >:(

Thank you very much for letting us know how evil you are. >:(


No. This is not about shifting back to Nikon. This is about shifting back to normal sleeping.

I woke up at 7.30pm today and I decided to get rid of my nocturnal self.

For the past two weeks, I've been sleeping in class and I hate the feeling of trying to sneak in some sleep in front of the professor. *sighs*

I want to be the lively and hyper me again. Not the sleepy, wasted, "Gosh. I'm sleepy eh. Zzzzzzzz." Daphne you meet everyday. -__-

Man. Almost all the artists that I know have weird sleeping habits but my barkada is "normal". O_o ...

I feel weird and it makes me feel left out. :|

From this day forward, I swear to shift back to my normal sleeping self. So help me, God. *crosses fingers*


Last night, I went to the grand opening night of the Borderless Exhibit with some friends at G3.

Grabe ang galing ng exhibitors (and the organizers too)! :D

I bow down to you!

Hahaha. :D

I admire all of the photographs. Grabe ang galing galing galing galing galing! :D

Congrats to Tok, Taks, Ate Donna, Sir Jeff, Sir Mitz, Ms Cez, and to all the other great photographers (that I only know by name)!

Now I'm more inspired to shoot. :] When I grow up, I want to exhibit too. :)) Hehehe!

Mic, Me, Lloyd, Jay & Sir Norman

Photos were grabbed from Sir Joel :]


Now I'm off to watch a movie then I promise to go sleep right after that. Then tomorrow I'll start cramming again! >_<

Hay. Anyone who's going to Kublai's and Mag:net Katipunan tomorrow night? Guitar Adrenaline, baby! Let's shoot!

There's Fete tomorrow at MOA too but I think I'll pass for that one. Too tired. :|

I still have to regain my strength from the flu I caught last week. Booooo.

I've got the flu.

Meh. I caught a virus last Sunday and up to now I'm so not feeling well. -_-

Cough. Colds. Fever. Phlegm. Eww. .. then I have asthma pa. :|

I'm still up because I bloated meself with coke (not the drug). Sugar rush weeeeeee! XD

And apparently, the caffeine in coke opens the bronchial passages in the lungs allowing more air in.

Coke is my new bestfriend. ;)

Bah. I wasn't supposed to be in school yesterday because I could barely breathe, I had a fever, and I have tons of phlegm (ewwness!). But I had to come to school so I could pass some requirements for 2DANIM and WEBDEV.

Adik ba?
Well, not really. Last term I didn't go to school one day and I found meself cramming for 2 weeks just to finish the stuff I missed for that one day. O_o I'd rather go to school than risk two weeks of cramming. -_-

I really felt so weak this afternoon that I snoozed while Sir Joby was giving his lecture on web design layouts (sorry!). -_-

And last night I was really having trouble breathing that I decided to cancel my shoot with GMA7 on the 14th. :| It's a free shoot with tons of celebs at EK, all expense paid... but I think I should get some rest. Mom also urged me not to go. My body is telling me that I've been working too much and I believe it's about time for me to relax. So I also decided that I'm going to lay low on photography for the next few days (or weeks). No photo shoots unless they're for school. I'll just focus on homeworks and projects, and I'll watch all the movies that I missed. :]


I still feel so bad for not being able to come to Raffy's christening last Saturday. :(

I know Erickson is so mad at me for not being able to come and shoot that special day for his son. :\ I was all set to go and my gear was ready but mom didn't wake me up on purpose. I was supposed to be up by 7 so I could hitch a ride with JL and his sister at 9. I got up at 9 realizing that the two already left and there's no other way for me to go to the place especially that I have no idea how to get there. :\ Grrrrrrr.

Then later in the afternoon, (I still looked pissed and worried because Erickson wasn't replying to my apologies) mom confessed that she didn't wake me up on purpose because she thought I needed the sleep. -_-

JL: Well at least now you know your mama loves you.
Me: Yeah, and now I know that Erickson hates me a lot. -_-

I really feel so bad about this. Oh boy. :|

I wonder when he'd start talking to me again. -_-


For WEBDEV I'll be making a website for Route 196 (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!). It's been a while since I've been there and I'm going to meet the owner soon so we could discuss how we're going to do the site. :] I'm doing it for free but at the same time I have to ask them to allow me to take info and photos of the place, and help me credit this project as ojt work. :p Para naman hindi sayang di ba? ;)


I'm no longer an officer of Media Max. Zach pulled me out (and JV let me go! Boo. Haha. Kidding! XD) and I'll be the Vice Chairman External of the Student Council. O_o Sounds more work? Nah. Zach assured me that as much as possible I wouldn't get any stress. :) *crosses fingers*


That's me while we were hanging out in CNCTPHO class.
Photo was taken by Jam. :)

CNCTPHO is fun but it looks like we're going to spend our moolah for weekly shoots.

I study in a very expensive school, all right, but would you guys believe me if I say that we only have at least 3 working studio lights?! -_- Damn.

Where did our their tuition go?!


Tonight I'll be shooting Nimbus Crowd again at Kublai's (MJ & JC might be there too). Last time I was supposed to shoot them at the Guitar Adrenaline and Drumnation thingo. I came late because I was busy with my on-the-job training-and-toma with OnQ. :p Haha! Tonight, I'll be on time. I promise! :D

Then tomorrow I'll be shooting the Christening of Erickson's first born, Raffy. :) Yaaaay! I'll be meeting his wife for the first time. :] I bet she's lovely.

It'll be my first time to shoot such an event. Please pray that everything goes well. :]


It's 5:34am on my clock right now and I'm still awake. I can't sleep because somebody just made this morning special. :)

I don't know why I should feel this way. We always talk but we barely know each other, we only talk about music and street food, and the worse thing is that we haven't even met. O_o Boing boing.

Yari kang bata ka!

BAH. I know. It shouldn't be like this. -_-

Arrrgh. I. Just. Can't. Help. It. :\

*insert The Mask's voice*: Somebody stop meeeeh! ..... :|

But seriously.. This isn't right. :| .. and I feel weird.


And speaking of liking someone, I just have this little thing that has been bugging my mind for days.

The thing that has kept me aloof from some boys is the fact that I'm afraid to get involved with someone that might break my heart again. You know how hard it is to accept betrayal when you've been so loyal.

I think I've developed a phobia wherein I'm afraid to meet someone new because I feel that I might just be meeting the wrong boy again. I used to say that I don't fear making mistakes because I learn form them, but now I really try to avoid making another one fearing that it would ruin my life (again). It's not that I've decided to stay single forever. Read: T-R-A-U-M-A.

Even if people have been telling me to go out and date all the guys out there... I refuse to do so. Hey, I've been there. I don't like the idea of going out with different boys every now and then, and just waste my time getting to know guys who wouldn't even stay for so long or show they're sincere (...because they're not!).

Errr.. ever read the stuff on postsecret.com? This sounds just like one of those postcards..

I'm afraid to accept someone in my life right now fearing that I might have to erase him from my memory when something wrong happens. (You know how difficult it is to let go of something that you believe will stay forever.)

And the most difficult thing is feeling that way and then liking someone so much at the same time.  *sighs*


Stay Away. You're not wanted here.

One of the most irritating things happened last night. We were on our way to the Maxim Hot 100 Party, and I was in the car with Jam, Tita Haps, Nikki and their cousin when an unknown number texted me: "My lifes been hell since ur gone"

Not knowing who it was, I just replied "Missent."

Then the sender called and it turned out to be the ex-boyfriend. *Pissed off*

I asked what the problem was and after he asked if there's anything wrong about him calling, I said that I'm too busy for these things and if ever he needs something, he can just text, NOT call.

After moving on and forgetting about everything and being happier with what's happening now, an unwanted and painful memory tries to squeeze itself in my busy life.

Don't you guys just find it irritating that after being so hurt and then finding out how stupid I've become just for love, and being so stupid for holding on to a boy who never knew how to treasure a girl, then trying to move on for months and after being able to accept life as it is, and finding out how happier I am with my life right now than I was with an asshole, this boy who ruined my life just comes out of the blue to try and ruin it once more.

I'm sorry, Chris. I've had enough. I'm happier now than I was with you. I'm tired of you. You can't just call and play with me again just because you lost all the girls who refused to play your game. Stop ruining our lives just because you're bored and you want a girl that you can just pick up and throw away after you've become sick of her.

Learn how to be patient and find a good woman.
Learn how to love and treasure her, NOT USE her.

I've already forgiven you but what you did to me was definitely not forgotten. You filled my heart with hate. I'm not playing your game. Just go away. There's no space for you here.

A lot of people are watching out for me and we all know that you're just playing.



Stay away
from me and get a life.

Happy 20th Birthday Ran! :D

naghalungkat pa ko ng wacky photo sa multiply mo! >:P

Happy 20th Birthday, Ran! :D

Haha! Okay. He's been calling me a snob lately because I've been busy with school, OJT and movies (hehehe). :P

Medyo nakokonsensya ako kasi I know he's been excited about his birthday today and he feels a little bad because Lalie, Ara, MJ, the rest of the gang and I wouldn't be able to celebrate with him.

Tapos sa ym ang "snob" ko pa. :P

"snob! :P"
"ikaw ang snob :/"

"snob. :P"
"sorry nagdinner eh :]"

"snob :P"
"movie movie!"
"snob snob"
"hmp :P"

"snob :("
"sorry nag-aayos ng router! brb!"


"bday ko na sunday :p"

Binara ko pa sa huli. Amp. XD Sabi ni Lalie ang sama sama ko raw. XD Haha! Waaaaaaa.

Uy sorry! Di ako masama ha. Bati tayo ha! :D Haha.

PAAARDZ! Happy Birthday uli! :D

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